We’re NOT for everyone

In fact, we’re turning away most applicants and only select a handful of elite detailers to work with. That’s because once you’re in we’re going the extra mile (and the one after that) to take your business to the next level.
To provide this level of performance, we have to be selective.
You’re a professional, full-time, ceramic coating, PPF, or Window Tint installer
You’ve been in business at least 2 years, and have 25+ 5-star reviews visible online
You have at least one other person working with you in the shop
You have business coming in from other sources, but are wanting to pour gas on the fire and establish a steadier flow
You’re not just looking to participate in your local market, but dominate it
You recognize that building a defensible, generational, and sellable business is about thinking long term - not chasing hot trends, sleazy sales tactics, or quick bucks
You actually CARE about making sure your clients make the right choices for them


If you fulfill all of the criteria above, we can help you grow in one of two ways:

Leads Only

For businesses that don’t have a lot of leads already coming in, are just getting started with Internet lead generation, or simply don’t yet have the budget for the full package.
We hate seeing small businesses pay huge monthly fees and then have less than that amount left over to spend on actually growing their business.
That’s why we structured our pricing so we’ll never be paid more than what you’re spending on marketing.
One-Time Setup Fee: $500
Ongoing: 20% of Ad Spend
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Marketing Platform

For businesses that are busy enough already that they need the automation in place on day 1.
We see that detailers who stick with the system for at least 6 months are the ones who start to get outlier results with it. That’s why we’ve provided very deep discounts to those willing to make a commitment and see it through.
Plus, if you sign up directly for the Marketing Platform, we’ll waive the $500 setup fee for the leads service.
20% of Ad Spend
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Leads Only
Marketing Platform
Setup, Manage, and Optimize Ads
Custom-built landing pages
Proprietary instant estimate flow
Run ads for Ceramic coatings, Paint Protection Film, Window Tint
Use ad platform AI to optimize for leads
Use ad platform AI to optimize for revenue


Leads Only
Marketing Platform
Integrate all your lead sources to one central spot
Done-for-you setup of all our battle-tested marketing automations
Done-for-you integration to all your lead sources
Automated follow up by SMS & Email
Simplified calling system
Urable integration


Leads Only
Marketing Platform
Timely long term nurture sequences for all primary job types
Natural language review flows
Automated updating of CRM for structure future follow up