MinimalistMarketing™for Detailers

We like to let our results speak for themselves. Here are just some of the results our clients have gotten on the leads we helped them generate and close.
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"HappyDetailer has become a huge part of how I'm growing my business"
Dustin Wharton, Official California Detailing
San Diego, CA
"I have completely turned around my business working with HappyDetailer"
Anthony Brancato, The Perfectionists
Margate, FL

Here’s what you get with our MinimalistMarketing™ services:


We do lead gen VERY differently than anyone else we’ve found. Our advertising approach lets each of our clients benefit from the collective results of all our clients. This allows us to optimize ads at a scale that no individual detailer could ever touch, and provides a volume of data that allows the ad platform’s AI to optimize for revenue, vs. just more people willing to fill out a form.
You can’t get this anywhere else.
We setup, manage, and optimize your advertising campaigns
We personalize our custom-built, lightning fast landing pages which convert traffic to leads at an average of 9.04%
We map advertising spend all the way to the revenue you generate from it so you have a real-time view in your return on ad spend (also an industry first)


We have developed a multi-channel followup cadence that gets most leads to engage within minutes, and on average 67% within the first 60 days.
This system ensures that leads from ALL of your sources (not just ours) including calls from Google Business Profiles, and quote requests from your website, all flow into one central spot and have follow ups automatically triggered so you don’t miss a single penny of opportunity.
We connect to, and help convert all of your possible sources of new business (completely done-for-you)
We deploy our battle-tested automations for every imaginable scenario your business will face when acquiring clients
We provide a fully setup CRM, with a ruthlessly optimized calling framework so you can generate tens of thousands of dollars in sales with just 20 mins per day of effort
We integrate with Urable so the moment a lead is ready to become a client, with 2 clicks all their info will be loaded into Urable, ready for you to add jobs and collect payments


What good is acquiring a client, if we can’t keep them coming back for more? The best businesses know that it takes 10x more effort to acquire a client, than it does to get one back for another purchase, so why then is that the only place getting optimized in detailing businesses?
When the first job is done, we automatically update the CRM (through the Urable integration) and put them onto relevant long term nurture sequences based on the initial job they hired you for. Think invites for maintenance washes or inspections, ceramic toppers, decon washes, second vehicles, and their next coating. This is true business growth on autopilot.
We’ll deploy smooth and natural review request flows, optimized and perfectly timed for maximum conversion
4x per year we’ll run reactivation campaigns to help squeeze more revenue from the leads that didn’t convert, and to get past clients back for more


While you can always see different reports in different places, it’s bringing them together and making sense of them that’s the real problem. And without this information, you’re just throwing cash into the wind, hoping those marketing dollars stick to something that works.
We’re the only provider that has done the hard work to link your advertising all the way through to the revenue it generates
We show you how quickly your leads are turning into sales so you can better manage cashflows and business investments
Get leading indicators like your conversion rate and velocity from lead to scheduled, so you can make faster, proactive adjustments to your sales process