Get booked solid with done-for-you online ads.

For budgets as low as $5/day
No leads to chase or follow up
No need to drop everything mid-job to answer the phone otherwise you lose the opportunity
The only service that can optimize your ads for revenue
“HappyDetailer literally grows my business for me on autopilot”
Chris Lorizio, Smartwax Pro
Boston, MA

Our main mission at HappyDetailer is to strip the complexity and stress out of building your mobile detailing business through a combination of software and services.

Online ads is one of those areas that has enormous potential to help mobile detailers grow, but where the current offerings available to them are broken.


Are you a master detailer, or advertiser?

While you might hear stories about some detailer who was able to master online advertising to grow their business, the other 99.9% of the industry sure as heck didn’t get into this business to learn the ins and outs of making online ads work.
Not to mention, the ad platforms are evolving at an insane clip these days, making staying on top of the highest priority things like sending them the exact right signals so their AI can optimize the campaigns is becoming increasing technical and complex.

Agencies charge so much they’re nothing left to advertise

Most agencies charge huge setup fees and ongoing monthly retainers before you’re able to spend a single dollar on running ads for your business. This means these services are completely out of reach for most detailers, and make it almost impossible to do it profitably.

Drop everything, or lose everything

Most online lead generation approaches for mobile detailers either require the prospective client to fill out a form to “request a quote” or the ads push the prospect to call you directly.
Especially in the case of detailing, if you don’t answer the phone, or call those leads immediately, they’re gone and onto the next detailer. This becomes a huge waste of money, and is very disruptive to an owner-operated business.

Here's how we solved these challenges


We did it the hard way

Our approach is a lot harder to do, but puts our mobile detailers in a position to leverage the AI of the ad platforms, and optimize their ads for the revenue they generate (rather than for people who fill out forms or call you).
We can do this because we’re also a tech company, with engineers who can build the technical instrumentation to make this happen.
No agency offers this specialized approach, and no individual detailer could ever compete with our ads because of this.

We charge (way) less

We wanted to offer this service in a way that allows the majority of your investment to go towards actually advertising your business.
So we stripped out all the fluff and overhead, so we could offer this at a bare minimum cost, and in a structure where we only win long term if your ads are so successful at growing your business, that you continue to invest more and more in advertising.
Our pricing is a one-time setup fee of $500, and then a 20% surcharge on top of the what you want to spend on ads. This means the lion’s share of what you spend each month is on actually growing your business.

Our booking platform makes the difference

Our free websites and booking system are what make our approach work so well.
We optimized every part of the experience for online conversions. From the load speed, to the booking flow, to the visual design
A modern, online booking experience is exactly what your prospective customers want, and by giving it to them we convert online traffic at a substantially higher rate than any other conversion method.
This means you don’t have to lift a finger for your calendar to become filled with pre-paid detailing appointments.
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