Here’s how top detailers are winning and growing with HappyDetailer

Effortless experience always wins

Remember what happened to taxis when ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft came onto the scene? The detailer who offers the most convenient booking experience will dominate their local market.
In just a few clicks, clients can pick their service and upgrades
They choose a time that works for them
Then they secure the appointment with a 10% deposit paid online

Make more money on every appointment

Most clients would love to get a few upgrades on their detailing service, if only they knew about them. You’re often scheduling the appointment in the middle of doing 100 other things, and so you often forget to suggest them.
Relevant upgrades are offered to every single client, every time they book
Provide helpful information about each one to help them decide what’s right for them
Everything gets automatically added to their booking

Make online ads finally work

The opportunity for online ads in detailing is enormous, but the current way forces you to chase unresponsive leads, or answer the phone on every random number that calls.
Capture the highest intent buyers searching for detailing services by letting them book immediately
Run Facebook ads that actually work, since getting paid clients doesn’t require them to fill out forms and wait or have to get on the phone with you
Feed detailed information about your paid bookings to led the ad platforms automatically optimize your ads for you

We only get paid when you do

Call us crazy, but we believe you should only pay for our service when it makes you money!

HappyDetailer is free to get started, and charges a 10% fee when your client books an appointment through our system.

This keeps our team of seasoned software and small business experts ruthlessly focused on making improvements to the platform that put more money in your pocket!
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